Napa Valley Wine Tours

To get the true insider experience from Napa Valley wine tours, you have to go off the beaten track. At Hans Fahden, we seek out boutique winery wine tours from properties with histories as long and varied as our own. Our namesake, Hans, and his wife Marie purchased our heirloom property in 1912 and made their home in what is now one of the most renowned winemaking regions of the world. Through Prohibition and for years afterward, multiple generations of Fahdens grew walnuts and dried prunes on the property. Then the third generation went back to our roots – growing Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and making spectacular wines.

Winery Wine Tours

There are dozens of independent boutique wineries like ours in the Napa area and we always aim to take visitors on the best Napa Valley wine tour we possibly can. When you go beyond the large estate wineries on the main roads of the valley and delve into the hidden spots, you uncover people dedicated to the art of crafting small runs of fine wine. Many Napa Valley wine tours cater to crowds and impress out-of-town visitors with expansive grounds, and they’re very good at what they do. However, wine lovers who want to experience the true breadth of what this world-renowned wine region has to offer would do well to go the extra mile, sometimes literally, to discover smaller vintners. During these intimate winery wine tours, you have the opportunity to see how production works when the winemaker doesn’t have a factory at their disposal. Ask questions to gain an insider perspective rarely seen from large-scale tours and taste unique and occasionally experimental offerings created by people who know how to bring the real flavor of Napa out of their wine.

Napa Valley Wine Tours

Experience the valley as it was truly meant to be experienced – small production wineries, beautiful vineyards, stunning scenery, and orchards as far as the eye can see. Many of the wineries we tour offer individualized experiences that can include meals, olive oil tastings, access to limited run batches, and more. Please contact us for more information on booking wine country tours that give you the insider’s perspective you might otherwise miss.