Wine Country Tours

Go beyond the beaten path with wine country tours that show you the industry insider’s view of Napa Valley. Hans Fahden has a long history in Napa, dating back to 1912 when our namesake, Hans, and his wife Marie put down roots on our heirloom property and began growing grapes in what would become one of the world’s most renowned winemaking regions. Our family business survived Prohibition and the coming decades by growing walnuts and prunes, and 60 years post-Prohibition we went back to what the land was made for – grape growing. After over a century in the Valley and multiple generations, we know what makes an excellent wine tasting tour.

Napa Wine Country Tour

When visitors think of a Napa wine country tour, they likely imagine famous picturesque wineries that they’ve seen in movies or magazines. Chateau Montelena, Sterling, Mumm… these are a few of the big names that come to mind. While these are beautiful wineries with extensive histories in the valley, they tend to see large crowds and have adjusted their wine country tours and tastings accordingly. Visitors don’t tend to get one-on-one time with the winemakers or taste rare varietals. For a more intimate wine tasting tour that takes you off the beaten path, you’ll want to work with people who have insider knowledge of the valley. When we map out a tour for our customers, we specialize in our fellow boutique wineries that offer insight into the more intimate side of production and winemaking. Find hidden gems preferred by industry insiders and try new varietals. Speak candidly with the owners and winemakers about their process and learn more than you ever have about how we bottle the true taste of Napa Valley.

Wine Country Tours

What do you love? Let us plan a Napa wine tour catered to your interests. This is a wine lover’s ideal tasting tour, where you can enjoy the intimacy of a boutique winery along with a good meal, olive oil tasting, produce tastings, and great conversation. And, of course, excellent wine!