Sonoma Winery Tours

Start your Sonoma winery tours off on the right foot by trusting a local family business to give you industry insight you’ll rarely find elsewhere. The Valley is truly one of a kind, featuring wineries spanning a vast array of microclimates, unique food experiences, and incredible agriculture. We love finding boutique winery wine tours that are off the beaten path, as well as other tours of the region relevant to our guests’ interests. The craft beer scene is exploding here so brewery tours might appeal to some. Others may be interested in local cheese tastings, gourmet chocolate, wildflower honey, or any of the dozens of family farms in the area.

Winery Wine Tours

It’s easy to boast offering the best Sonoma wine tour in the area, but Calistoga Wine Tours can do so much more. Our Sonoma winery tours focus on smaller wineries that are crafting fine wines across several growing regions. Take a coastal tour for a cooler day along the scenic Northern California coast or an Alexander Valley tour if you’re interested in trying bold reds. Are whites with unique minerality more your style? Chalk Hill will scratch that itch. Every microclimate is unique, offering plenty to explore, and we’ll help you discover it all. Our winery wine tours are known for being intimate and giving you an insider’s perspective into the industry – a true joy for any wine lover.

Sonoma Winery Tours

Expand your experience beyond a simple Sonoma wine tasting tour by asking us to include stops at one of our many cheesemakers, Gravenstein apple farms, or skilled purveyors of smoked meats. People who love food and drink love this region for good reason. There’s something for every palate, even those with dietary restrictions. Let us know what you fancy and we’ll craft the perfect private tour.

Whether you have particular Sonoma winery tours in mind or you’re not sure where to start, let us be your guide. Reach out today and let’s get started!