Sonoma Wine Tours

Enjoy the scenic beauty of California wine country in a way you’ve never seen before by taking Sonoma wine tours created and led by industry insiders. Sonoma County is a truly unique gem in the winemaking world, offering a vast range of microclimates and environments that impact the flavor of the wine. From award-winning Pinot Noir to dessert wines made from naturally-occurring Botrytis Cinerea mold, there’s something for every wine lover. Typical Sonoma Valley wine tours often showcase the powerhouse wineries, but there are many small production gems to experience.

Sonoma Valley Wine Tours

At Calistoga Wine Tours, we specialize in crafting personalized Napa and Sonoma County boutique winery tours for those who want to experience California wine country the way only someone in the industry know can. Our owners also own a local Calistoga winery, giving them insight into small wineries rarely found from tour organizers in the Valley. When we create a Sonoma wine tour, we go off the beaten path, giving our guests an authentic wine tour experience that portrays the inner workings of Sonoma County. Discover how variances in the soil and climate affect the bouquet and flavor of wine, speak with boutique vintners about the inner workings of their winery, and even explore the agricultural side of things with farm tours.

Sonoma Valley wine tours are rich with a combination of fruit growing, winemaking, and even animal farming. Some of our favorite Sonoma winery tours include:

  • Cheese tastings
  • Olive oil tastings
  • Honey tastings
  • And more

It’s also becoming a well-known craft beer region and we’re happy to include brewery tours, as well as tours of local gourmet chocolatiers or anything else that appeals to our customers.

Sonoma Wine Tours

Let Calistoga Wine Tours be your guide to beautiful Sonoma County. Conveniently located right between Sonoma and Napa Valleys, we know this area like the back of our hands. Our family has been here for generations, growing and making fine wine. If you want an authentic Sonoma wine tasting tour, there’s nowhere better than Calistoga Wine Tours. Schedule an appointment today and let us craft personalized Sonoma wine tours that are relevant to your interests, so you can get the most out of your stay in this beautiful corner of the world.