Napa Wine Tours

Experience Napa wine tours as you never have before alongside industry insiders specializing in boutique wineries. Hans Fahden offers a long history in Napa Valley, dating back to pre-prohibition era California and spanning more than 100 years of authentic family business. During the height of Prohibition and for decades after, the Fahdens grew walnuts and dried prunes on their heirloom property. In the 1980s, the third generation decided to return to their roots and grow Cabernet Sauvignon, integrating themselves back into the wine industry just as Napa put itself on the winemaking map.

Napa Valley wine tours

As such, today’s generation of Fahdens have intimate knowledge of which Napa Valley wine tours offer access to the insider perspective, something greatly appreciated by true wine fans. While the large commercial wineries of the valley are impressive and offer impressive grounds, they rarely give you the opportunity to see how small wineries are producing some of the best wines in the world. With a Napa boutique winery tour, we’ll give you that insider insight, taking you off the beaten path for an authentic wine tour experience that’s usually reserved only for those in the know. Enjoy private tastings and intimate industry conversation with some of Napa’s most skilled winemakers, enjoy hidden gems with gorgeous grounds, and experience the true talent of smaller winemakers.

Napa Wine Tours

There’s so much nuance to be experienced on Napa wine tours that’s often overlooked when you stick to familiar roads. Many independent vineyards are crafting their own unique experimental blends or growing incredible produce that they’re happy to sample. The magic of wine country tours largely comes from finding those rare wines that sing on the palate and elicit feelings you can’t find anywhere else in the world, and those are the Napa Valley wine tours we seek out and offer.

Taste wines from unique creators and discover your new favorite varietals with a Napa wine tasting tour from Hans Fahden.